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(A Bot Sniper with Calculated bullet drops)The "Mr.Beast" of Clutch...only not as good looking or rich

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I just worked 74 hours this week, haven't been playing because of work but Saturday should be our final day, but another giveaway will take place this week with 3 winners, not telling how much the pot is worth, but "Supporters" who like this post are eligible, Thanks and have a great day everyone🙌 3 days ago
"Edit on release" helped me improve so much @fuzzjuketv I'm not insane but I definitely appreciate it bro🙌 3 days ago
Yes I agree @xDJxCLUTCHx I have it in also my edit button is left stick toggle and that’s probably the best switch I have done ✅ 3 days ago
Tbh with you a hunting rifle can’t be in your clips if the person is bad and your good but the third clip where you jumped off and hit him when he edited was straight amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥 3 days ago
lol low-key @Bigfellabtw my brother is literally Cracked and is 10x better then me, check the right corner on how many rounds we've gone compared to how many kills I have, he always has double the amount of kills, I'm just a very fortunate player😅 3 days ago
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