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Sniper Montage🎯

You all know how much I love sniping, it was only right that I made a sniping montage for Battlefront😅 Got a lot of QuickScopes, No Scopes, and Quick Calculations😈 Hope you all enjoy, thanks for your support! Let’s continue to help each other grow🤟🏾


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4 days ago
When did the one you were playing come out? 2 days ago
@BURD Battlefront II came out in 2017 I believe! 2 days ago
Oh ok. It’s pretty new still then. Good graphics. 2 days ago
@BURD The first Battlefront in my opinion had even BETTER graphics, which is crazy to me but overall it’s a solid game! The 3p aspect is 🔥 to me! 2 days ago
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