xDJxCLUTCHx (Classified ✔)

(A Bot Sniper with Calculated bullet drops)The "Mr.Beast" of Clutch...only not as good looking or rich

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⬇️"Cracked" Contest for $50⬇️

Send Clips you believe entitles you to the most Cracked on Clutch for $50 (of any in-game Currency)!!! Clips from any mode and any Season are eligible, if you want to make a montage for it...go right ahead you have till next Friday to submit with a full week so good luck to everyone!!! This one's for the Creative Freaks!!!🙌 5 days ago
Yaaaa 5 days ago
Les goo 5 days ago
The Mr Beast of clutch. Bless you @xDJxCLUTCHx such a humble giving individual 💯🔥❤️ 5 days ago
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